5 interesting facts about raspberry ketones

It is known as the miracle fat burner. The common question,however that most people ask, especially those who have been long searching for an effective weight loss product, is the issue as to whether it is safe or not. Is raspberry ketone safe? This product became very sensational when it was featured in the Dr. Oz show. The main thing that people bank on when it comes to getting the answer to the question of safety is the fact that it comes from the natural ingredient, red raspberries.

One thing that one needs to realize in using weight loss products is that these, like raspberry ketone is simply an aid in letting you lose weight. It may not be the ultimate solution, since the effects would vary on people. There are several facts that would help people, who would like to create a solution to their weight loss problem, decide if they would want to give raspberry ketones a try.

1. Raspberry ketones have been used as ingredients in cosmetics and other food products since the 1960′s decade. It is a natural phenolic compound that has a sweet and fragrant aroma. Thus, it is not a surprise that a lot of big companies use this for perfumes and other food preservatives. Given this fact, the aspect of whether the product is safe or not may be answered. If it has been used since the 1960′s and there are no known ill effects that it has brought to the consumers, then it is generally safe to say that it is alright.

2. There are currently two studies that can prove the effectiveness of raspberry ketone as well as affirm that it is safe for use. There was a study conducted in 2005, that was published in Life Sciences. This experiment was all about feeding mice with raspberry ketones. The experiment ran for 11 weeks, with the first 6 involving the the feeding of a high-fat diet to the mice. During the succeeding 5 weeks, they followed the same high-fat diet, only this time with raspberry ketones. The weight gain effects were reduced. Apparently, raspberry ketones also help against the build-up of fats in the liver.

Another study was published by Planta Medica in 2010. The experiment involved fat cells and found out the effects of raspberry ketones on them. The result was that raspberry ketones apparently aid in the activation of a hormone responsible for fat breakdown, called adiponectin.

3. The Food and Drug Administration or the FDA, who can be considered as the authority on looking out for the safety on the ingredients used by manufacturers in their products rated raspberry ketones as safe. In the status scale, it is rated as “generally recognized as safe. That should give the consumers who would like to use raspberry ketones as a weightloss aid some peace of mind.

4. The safety of raspberry ketones depend on the person taking the diet. Just like the rest of the weight loss products in the health and nutrition industry, everything needs to be paired with a good diet and a healthy fitness training. All products come with a disclaimer. So if you are trying to lose weight and you are determined to use raspberry ketones to help you with your weight loss, make sure you do it the right way.

5. Some people may be allergic to raspberries, so if you want to use it, it would be best consult your doctor. You cannot compromise your health in exchange for what you assume will yield faster results. When you go to your physician,have yourself checked. Raspberry ketones in particular are not good for people with diabetes and other health problems.

As consumers, we need to be responsible about the things that we take into our bodies. Yes, obesity and weight gain are common problems. However,we need to remember that just because it is common issue, does not automatically mean it has common solutions. Raspberry ketones may be able to offer some help when it comes to weight loss. Yet, one needs to realize the effects are not going to be the same for everyone. Given the right research, a visit to your physician and a healthy diet, raspberry ketones may do you good. Is raspberry ketone safe? According to authorities and via different studies, it is generally safe. However, it is safer to make sure it works well and is safe for your health, too. Make your purchasing decision, an informed and wise one.

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