5 reasons why raspberry ketone supplements may be effective for weight loss

Ever since they were mentioned by Dr. Oz as being eeffective for losing weight, the sales of Raspberry Ketones supplements have taken off as the product gets more popular and begins to fly off the shelves.

Raspberry ketones are found naturally in rasberries, and it is the compound that gives raspberries their unique odor. However the amounts that are extracted from raspberries is miniscule. Only 4 milligrams can be extracted from a kilo of raspberries, making it a very expensive product for use as a flavour additive in cosmetics, foods. Manufacturers have developed synthetic versions.

1) Raspberry ketones are similiar in chemical structure to adrenalin and ephedrin which have shown to be effective in weight loss. Japanese researchers studied the effect of the ketones on mice on high fat diet. Results indicated that weight gain was much lower with mice that were also fed the raspberry ketones. With all things considered it was concluded that red raspberries was responsible for hindering growth of fat cells.

2) The enzyme produced by raspberry ketone promotes production of the hormone adinopectin. Adinopectin, which is secreted by the liver and the muscles is used to manage and control the production of fat tissue.

3)Raspberry Ketones work quickly. The recommended dosage is only two tablets each day, taken with water. Results can be noticed in two weeks , when the supplements are combined in a regimen that includes proper diet and exercise.

4) Raspberry Ketones supplements are safe. There are no noticeable effects, and the product has been designated as safe by the Federal Drug Administration.

5) The supplements may also contain others products known to contribute to weight loss. Efficacy of raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement is greatly enhanced when othe products such as African mango, green tea and resveratrol are added. The combination adds to the potency, to guarantee safe weight loss.

Raspberries also contain significant levels of antioxidants, that are known to protect the body from cell damage. Adinopectin, which is the protein, released by raspberry ketones, is known to protect against several diseases including type 2 diabetes. It also prevents the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and may also be helpful in preventing cancer of the liver.

In addition Raspberry ketone supplements are made from all-natural ingredients, which can make the much safer than synthetic compounds.

Despite the enthusiatic endorsement by Dr Oz, there may be some reasons to be cautious, and remember that effective weight loss must include a regular exercise and a healthy diet. There may have been some reseverations about the research as the experiments were conducted on mice, not humans. However many people have reported significant reductions in weight without side effects, while taking the supplements.

The mice in the study were fed significantly high doses of the ketone, which when translated to human consumption, are likely to be unsafe, and present problems.
Detractors also note that hormones released in the body, are also responsible for regulating stress, and increased production of these hormones may lead to problems related to the heart.

Although there are no known side effects from an all-natural product, some precautions are still necessary. Some bodies may not be accustomed to processing a larger amount of ketones and the process, may be ineffective. Consuming large quanties of water will help to eliminate the excess as the body becomes acclimated
It may be easy to become addicted to sugar, as glucose is normally used as fuel for energy. However one of the symptoms noticed with early users, who are beginning the raspberry ketones supplements regime is what can be described as withdrawal symptoms.

As the body no longer relies on sugar for the fat burning process, some mild symptoms such as headaches, irritabilty and a feeling of fatigue may be experienced. These symptoms are usually temporary, and usually disappear with continued usage as the body becomes a more effective fat furnace.

Since no two human bodies are alike , and may people may sometimes react differently to the same substance, the best advice is to proceed cautiously when taking raspberry ketones, but the evidence suggests that it can be effective in helping to reduce weight. The mechanism involves increasing the production of the hormone Adinopectin, which is responsible for regulating the metabolic functions. As a result the body is led to consume fat a faster rate, resulting in weight loss.

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