7 raspberry ketone supplement side effects: positive and negative consequences

Raspberry Ketone, a common food additive is now being widely consumed as weight loss supplement. Dr. Oz’s popular TV show endorsed the chemical to be an effective way to lose weight without causing any serious side effect. According to Dr. Oz, this is a miracle fat-burner in a bottle. Being hyped in the show, it has already created a buzz among the 35% adult popular across the USA. Unfortunately, there are no scientific researches made to establish the supplements efficiency yet. At the same time, consumers haven’t yet complained about severe harmful effects too! Let’s explore more about the recent weight-loss hype.

7 raspberry ketone supplement side effects: positive and negative consequences

According to researches, there are no significant negative side effects of this supplement. However, some users have discretely complained about some downbeat symptoms. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list discussing the effects (positive & negative both) on your internal metabolic system.

Positive side effects

Side effect #1: Helps losing weight

The product is extremely popular among the users as it helps losing weight without any physical effort. People who don’t get enough time to work out in busy lives have chosen the supplement for it’s efficiency and effectiveness. Though scientific researches haven’t yet proved the effectiveness, the claims and numerous positive feedbacks from satisfied clients have added great credibility to this product.

Side effect #2: Positively influence fat metabolism

The ingredient actively manipulates fat metabolism in your body. The product inhibits fat absorption in our muscles and body cavities. This finally halts weight gain process actively. At the same time, fat metabolism increases significantly. Fat metabolism is affected in both ways and thus a user losses weight in a natural way.

Side effect #3: Improvises circulation and cardiac health

Raspberry Ketone activates optimal circulation and thus contributes to better cardiac health. Cardiac muscles work in a different pattern and accumulation of fat in the cardio vascular system leads to severe vascular and endothelial injuries. This supplement actively reduces accumulation of fat in the great vessels of heart and cardio vascular system.

Side effect #4: Safe and Affordable

The product is extremely safe to use. The chemical pathways and mechanisms followed by the supplement don’t have negative effects on the bodily system. Hence, this product is safe in all health aspects. The product is also used as a food additive and the price of the product is also affordable. Safety and affordability have made the product become a top weight-loss product within a very short time.

Negative side effects

Side effect #5: Allergic reactions

Many consumers have complained about allergic reactions. These incidents take place when a user is previously sensitized to the particles of Raspberry or Ketone molecules. These can occur in various cases, due to exposure to different chemicals. If a user has been suffering from such problems, he should abstain from consuming the supplement.

Side effect #6: Complications among diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals

Diabetic patients and people at risk should be careful about consuming the supplements. It enhances the production of energy through fat based metabolism and body exempts the regular glucose based energy production significantly. As diabetic patients suffer from relative or absolute lack of insulin, their blood sugar level is always high. In case, glucose metabolism reduces down any further, they can suffer from severe diabetic symptoms. These cases don’t result in life threatening situations; but, experts recommend consulting with a health professional before consuming the supplement.

Side effect #7: Carb flu

People who are low carbohydrate dieter also reported about a complication medically termed as carb flu. The manifestation also refers to the change in energy sourcing of the body. As a result, the consumer suffers from minor withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea and fatigue. These don’t last for a long time. And a consumer must consider one thing- the supplement cannot help losing weight instantly. Even if, a consumer takes the supplement at larger doses, he should expect minor yet gradual weight loss over time. The best way to use the supplement is to combine or integrate the product with a standard weight loss program.

The product is still undergoing researches, trials and scientific experiments. The product came in limelight in February 2012, just after the show was aired on television and soon it became a top seller. Numerous positive customer feedbacks have turned this to be superstar weight-loss supplement in no time. And the product hasn’t yet exhibited any severely harmful effects on the users. So, you can try reducing weight with this supplement too!

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