African mango

African Mango seed extract (Irvigina Gabonensis) is currently ruling the world of weight loss programs. This seed extract has been used extensively by the natives in the deserts of Western Africa for centuries for its energy and taste. Locally it is known as bush mango or “dikka nuts” due to its amazing similarity in size, shape and color of the fruit. Aside from its amazing effects on weight loss, it also acts as a metabolism booster, suppresses appetite, and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol.

So what’s so special about African Mango extract?

Actually, African Mango (bush mango) is a part of people’s daily diet plan, specifically in Nigeria and Cameroon. So the African Mango diet supplement that is currently world’s hot favorite weight loss supplement is obtained from seeds of this mango. Export of fresh mangoes from this part of the world is not an inexpensive process but in supplement form, it is now available to millions around the world at most competitive rates.

Actually, the seeds of African Mango induce weight loss. This mango seed extract (Irvingia Gebonesis) not only increases the body’s energy levels, aids weight loss, and helps in reducing cholesterol levels. It works by affecting the functioning of leptin within the body to drive away food carvings. Leptin is a body hormone that signals the brain that body is now full after a meal. Many researches believe that in the absence of these signals, person continues eating leading to weight gain within a short time. So leptin repairs these discrepancies and suppresses hunger.

Pure African Mango extracts have thermogenic fat burning properties that release lot more energy in the body, which makes people feel alert, lively, and energetic. It also reduces any risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers level of cholesterol when taken on regular basis.

Side effects of African Mango diet

Millions of people have been using African Mango diet since long with no side effects. Although some of them have complained of nausea, headaches, insomnia issues and gas, but that occurs only when exact method and amount as prescribed in the diet is not followed. Aside from that, you must make sure that you get genuine African Mango extract to get maximum benefits.

Other health benefits of African Mango diet

* Various toxins in the body reduces its ability to absorb various nutrients that are required for boosting metabolism. African Mango diet flushes out those toxic elements and boosts metabolism thereby energizing the internal fat burning mechanism.
* This extract has various medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamin B, which is essential for easy absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. On assimilation of these nutrients, body feels energized and induces weight loss.
* Research indicates that African Mango extracts also reduce cholesterol levels and boost energy levels in the body.
* Helps in regulating the blood pressure

How much weight loss is possible with African Mango supplement?

Most of the users of African Mango diet have claimed that they’ve lost around 25-30 pounds in a month, which is quite impressive. By combining this diet with some exercise, once can get still better results.

Using the African Mango supplement with a correct diet

Many people think that by just taking a African Mango supplement one can achieve weight loss. Although it is true, but one should also eat in a proper way to get fast results. Taking too much fatty diet, processed and junk foods won’t get you the desired results. Take a balanced diet with mild to moderate exercises to get the desired weight loss within a reasonable time period.

However, it is better if you consult your nutritionist/doctor before starting any new medication including African Mango diet. You must also understand that African Mango is only a diet supplement and should not be expected to replace any diet. It results in fast weight loss when taken in correct dosage as recommended by the manufacturer. Aside from that, you must remember that this diet is not suggested for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Therefore, considering that African Mango supplement has no side effects when compared to the other anti-obesity medications, and that it acts in a most natural way by interacting with body’s mechanism, it can be used safely as a weight loss supplement for quick weight loss within days.

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