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The search for a good weight loss program has not stopped worrying people over the years. It may be true that not all programs work on everyone but, there is a weight loss program that everyone else can safely enjoy without the stress of starving and really tedious workouts. The Amanda Hamilton weightloss system involves healthy, genuine, and sustained activities, with tasty meal plans. When you sign up for the Amanda Hamilton diet, you would understand and experience the 3 phases that will get you to your successful and inspiring weight loss goals.

Detox Phase

The first five days are the most crucial and most significant in your weight loss journey. This is also when you experience the early results of joining the program. The detox phase is all about letting you ease into the program without stress. You don’t have to experience muscle cramps and all things related to body pain due to excessive exercise. You only need to eat right. You would also be able to communicate with a certified nutritionist over the phone on how you can start.

Eaing Right During the Detox Phase

Eating right would simply mean that you will be provided with easy to prepare ingredients of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. The recipes are also adjusted in a seasonal manner where your can make use of local ingredients that are budget friendly. Moreover, this phase will involve a guidance of daily articles and other tips related to your goals of losing weight.

Re-Shape Phase

This is when the program will focus on your personal weight loss needs. Your progress will be monitored through a personal dashboard where you get the needed reports of your progress. You can also attend online coaching seminars that you don’t have to pay for. The main highlight of this phase is that you will be provided with printable shopping lists of ingredients for your recipes to fulfill the personalized menu plans that you will be provided based on the program.

Exciting Meal Plans During the Re-Shape Phase

If you’re a person who is always on the go and may have the need to switch meals every now and then, the simple guides, and articles will be able to let you go through it easily. You can feel secure that the fat burning strategies used in the Amanda Hamilton weight loss system is based on your body statistics and body type. The re-shape phase is where you get the most fun since you will be able to taste different menus that will not only help you burn, but also let you taste exciting and healthy recipes.

Healthy-Me Phase

This is the phase where you celebrate the success of your weight loss goals. You don’t have to go through any worries whatsoever, since you will still be getting community support through the continuous online coaching seminars. Interestingly enough, you will also be getting consistent updates on your menus that will help you maintain your desired weight.

The Opportunity To Share Your Success in The Healthy-Me Phase

The most exciting part of your weight loss journey always involves the delights of being able to tell your story about it. With the Amanda Hamilton weight loss program, you may have the opportunity to become one of Amanda Hamilton’s weight loss success stories. You can also share the experience to your friends and family after witnessing the effectiveness of the program yourself. As a reward, you get vouchers and the chance to share the wonderful experience to people you care about.

Amanda Hamilton understands what weight loss entails, being able to experience that herself even before she became an expert in weight loss. The effective meal plans, coaching, retreats and community support have become the elements of building a program that is not only unique and personalized, but is also effective. It also helps that Amanda is a nutritionist and she understand the science behind weight loss. The success stories of real women who did have real problems with weight and were able to get past it due to this effective weight loss program, are manifestations that the Amanda Hamilton weight loss program does work. That’s probably the peace of mind that you won’t get anywhere else online.

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