How to lose belly fat without the hassle

When embarking on weight loss, most people will take a two-pronged approach of eating less and exercising more. Most of these people will also unfortunately fall off the routine after a few weeks and if any pounds had been shed, they will fast be regained.

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Fat burning foods
The ideal way to achieve significant and lasting weight loss is to take measures to follow a diet that is natural, practical and effective. This diet should help you to burn fat especially belly fat which is quite stubborn.

These can be turned into a lifetime habit compared to crash diets. Most diets are restrictive, spelling lots of things not to eat and that is why they fail as it’s difficult to refrain from not eating most foods for long periods of time.

Step one:
The first step would be to focus on keeping an eye on nutrients and not only calories. With this approach, one still gets to eat almost all kinds of foods with an emphasis on those that are natural fat burners. This includes most kinds of protein which the body needs more calories to burn.

Fiber rich foods that keep the gut moving and that get rid of toxins and excesses such as fruits and vegetables are also natural fat burners. Concentrate on ensuring that there is the right amount of lean animal protein or plant protein, the right portion of whole rather refined carbohydrates and vegetables.

Ensuring the right measure of nutrients will see calories come down as well, Choosing wholesome, healthy foods will also ensure one gets filled up for longer and thus stay from the cookie jar and other calorie laden snacks.

Step two:
Step two would be to get used to continuously sipping water. It makes one feel full, cuts down on calorie laden drinks like sodas and other fizzy drinks one would take and it will keep the gut going and constantly eliminating excesses and toxins from the body.

A person who downs at least two liters of water daily will burn fat more than one who takes less. Starting the day with lemon water is a good way to wake up the gut and keep it going.

Step three
Step three is to a custom oneself to eating small frequent meals rather than big meals at once. Small constant meals keep the body’s sugar level constant without serious dips that cause one to consume a big meal or calorie-rich foods.

Keeping the blood sugar level will also keep the body continuously keeping on with digestion and burning fat.

Step four
Another step would be to choose supplements that ensure that the body is in optimum health so that it can work at the best level possible. These would include vitamin and mineral supplements.

Nutrionists may also recommend supplements that will up the body’s fat burning abilities like chromium, lecithin and pectin. Drinks that also help the body to burn fat like green tea are also recommended. Avoiding sugar and using a sweetener like honey is also best.

Step five
Another important step is to watch what we drinks. People are often socializing over drinks or trying to relax by taking alcohol. Those rich lagers or mixed drinks will often be evidenced around the middle in the form of an unattractive pot belly, even on an otherwise slim person.

Step six
Lastly, something that gives the system a real kick is peppers in all forms: red, green or yellow errers, chilies, cayenne perrer among other peppers will keep the gut going at a higher rate than usual. A high metabolic rate means that food is soon broken down and digested rather than stored as fat.

Just thinking about how much weight one needs to lose may trigger stress yet this is to be avoided as stress is known to contribute to weight gain. One is more likely to overeat, go for high fat, high sugar foods or drink too much when trying to deal with a stressful situations.

Belly fat burning exercises
Meditation and gentle exercise are weight reducing ways to deal with stress while improving mood at the same time, A brisk walk, a jog or a few laps in the pool or are relaxing and calming to the mind and body not to mention ways to burn calories.

For most people, on joining a gym, the become part of a class where the group is taken through their paces together. That simply does not work or if it does, it takes a much longer time for results to be seen.

This is because everyone’s body structure and goals are different so they need to work different parts of their body with exercises that address their individual needs. Also research has proven that short but intense workouts are more effective than long, drawn out sessions.

With such programs, it is not necessary to work out for extended hours or go on a restricted diet to lose weight. This is because programs are designed to suit individuals being built around a client’s personal needs and their schedule.

Once this is in place, a client works out under the watch of a dedicated personal trainer who ensures that they stick to the personalized plan to see the goals come to be.

Before a personalized program is created for a client, a thorough assessment is carried out at the initial consultation; body dimensions, medical history, tests to determine flexibility and fitness and all other relevant details are noted down.

Goals are then discussed and setafter which a rogram that will lead to the realization of these goals is set. You will get a progress manual where milestones are marked to kee you motivated and on track.

You will see results that you can measure in those first few weeks and if you stick with the diet plan and the work outs, you will lose weight whether it is belly fat or any other kind of body fat in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

The cycle of starting a program, losing weight then stopping and qaining back the weiqht will be broken. You will lose weiqht consistently and if you stay with the plan, the weiqht will not creep back on.

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