How to Lose Weight in a Week Tips and Tricks

5 Pounds, 5 Days, 5 Ways

So, you want to know how to lose weight in a week? We have the answers. Follow the five rules below to lose five pounds in five days. That’s right; start Monday to lose five pounds by this weekend! Imagine how great you are going to look and feel after you drop five pounds this week.

Our five rules are simple and easy to follow. Our five rules work. Our five rules have been proven effective. If you continue to follow our five rules, you will shed more pounds each week. After reading the rules you will know how to lose weight in a week. These rules will also become the basis of your guide to weight loss for life.

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The 5 Rules to lose weight in a week

Rule #1 – Drink Water

Reason 1 – Drinking plenty of water will keep you properly hydrated. When you are hydrated your metabolism speeds up. Having a speedy metabolism means burning more fat, more often.

Reason 2 – Often people confuse thirst for hunger. By continuously drinking water throughout the day, you will avoid this confusion. The less often you substitute hunger for thirst, the fewer calories you will consume.

Reason 3 – Substituting water for soda or juice will keep your calorie intake low. An average can of soda contains about eighty-eight calories. Fruit juices have about thirty-nine calories. Water has zero calories.

Reason 4 – When you drink water you will consume fewer calories per meal. Studies show that people who drink water before meals consume 75 fewer calories.

Reason 5 – By drinking 16 ounces of water before each meal for five days you will lose 1 pound. Following Rule #1 you will lose your first of five pounds in five days.

Rule #2 – Eat These 5 Fat Burning Foods

Whole Grains – Your body burns calories breaking down whole grain foods. Be sure to check food labels to avoid whole grains that contain a lot of sugar.

Dairy Products – Vitamin D containing dairy products boost muscle growth. Muscle mass increases your metabolic rate. Choose low-fat options.

Lean Meat – Protein found in lean meat requires energy from calories to process. Eating lean meats is an easy way to burn calories while eating.

Spicy Foods – Capsaicin found in hot peppers has long been used in diet pills. Adding hot sauce, cayenne or chili peppers will boost your metabolism.

Green Tea – Drink green tea as your only beverage other than water. For maximum results drink four cups of green tea per day. It has been proven that you will lose nearly one pound a week doing this. Say goodbye to your second unwanted pound.

Rule #3 – Do These 5 Fat Burning Exercises

Thirty Minute Walks – If you are not walking already, start walking. If you are usually fairly active, step it up. Increase the intensity of your walk by power walking or adding resistance. Walking thirty minutes per day for five days you will lose half a pound. That, combined with your loss from following Rules 1 and 2, has you down 2 ½ pounds.

15 Jump Squats a Day – Building muscle mass increases your metabolism. The next four exercises will burn calories immediately while building muscle. To do jump squats begin standing with feet hip width apart, then squat. Ideally your butt will be parallel to the floor but, go as low as you can. Finally, jump forward and land in the same squat position. Perform 15 reps.

15 Pushups Per Day – Again, we are working to increase muscle mass. If you can do pushups, fabulous! You should perform 15 reps. If a regular pushup is pretty tough, try one of the following variations.


Elevated Pushups – Choose a surface in your house that is almost chest high. Use anything that is sturdy and will not move. You could use your dresser, counter, kitchen table or sofa. Place your hands on the surface and step your feet back so you are at about a 45 degree angle. Do your 15 reps in this position.

Wall Pushups – Stand feet hip width apart and place hands on the wall. Your hands should rest comfortably at shoulder level. Your back should be straight with your bottom tucked under and abdomen tight. Perform 15 reps in this position.

4.10 Reps Lunges Per Day – To get the most out of your lunges, use your arms and do both center and side lunges. Lunge forward with your right foot and place your left hand on your hip. Then, punch your right hand out in front of you. Your arm should be parallel to your leg at about shoulder height. Step back, and then lunge toward your left with your left foot. Again, place your right hand on your hip and punch out with left hand. Repeat these two moves ten times, then switch to your right side and perform ten more reps.

5.15 Reps Triceps Dips – You will notice that none of the exercises we are recommending require any equipment. To do triceps dips you simply need stairs. Sit on the floor with your back toward your bottom stair. Place your hands behind you on the bottom stair. Your fingertips should be pointing out toward you. Straighten your arms as you dig your heels into the floor, lifting your buttocks. Then, stretch your right hand out in front of you as you lift your left leg. Hold the position, then release.

These five simple exercises should take no more than one hour per day to perform. You can break them up into two segments per day. In one segment do the thirty minute walk. In the second segment do the four strength training exercises. By the end of the week these should have you down at least another half a pound. That’s right; you are now down 3 pounds in five days. We only have 2 to go!

Rule #4 Avoid These 5 Fattening Foods

Whole Milk – As we stated earlier, it is important to incorporate dairy into your diet. Watch out for whole milk or any other dairy product that is not low in fat. A glass of whole milk delivers a whopping 8 g of fat.

Peanut Butter – Like the milk, this appears good on the surface. After all, we do need protein. Just be sure to check the labels. Some brands contain 17 g of fat per serving.

Breakfast Cereals – Even those branded as being healthy may be deceiving you. In general, it’s best to just avoid them.

If you really love your morning cereal, compare labels to find one low in fat and sugar.

Diet Soda – That they are low in calories is true but, beware they may make you crave calories. Studies show that the artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas trigger our bodies to want calories. Stick to the water and green tea.

Fat-Free Alternatives – Substituting fat-free versions of your favorite treats may not be the best idea. Often, fat-free foods are loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of fat. More sugar equals more calories.
Stay away from these 5 temptations for 5 days and you will lose another pound. Your are down a whole 4 pounds in 5 days now!

Rule #5 Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting the sleep you need will help you lose weight faster in five ways:Getting the right amount of sleep will help your body regulate hunger. If your body is tired it will crave calories for energy when it cannot get sleep.Sleep deprivation will lead to a loss of muscle mass. When your body lacks sleep, it pulls weight from your muscles; not fat. We have been working hard this week to build muscle mass. Don’t let it slip away in the night.

If you do not get enough sleep, your metabolism will slow. The hormones that regulate metabolic action are affected by a lack of sleep.Studies have shown that you will become insulin resistant because of loss of sleep in a very short time period. This insulin resistance will lead to higher blood sugars which will actually result in weight gain. Your body requires between 7 and 7 ½ hours of sleep to perform optimally. For each of the next 5 days, be sure to get this required amount of sleep.

You will guard yourself from losing muscle mass and decreasing your metabolism. You will not gain unwanted fat in the form of high blood sugars. You will get the rest you need to lose one more pound this week.
With these 5 simple rules we have taught you how to lose weight in a week. Actually, you will lose 5 pounds in 5 days. So, go out and celebrate your victory this weekend but, keep following the rules. You should expect to see even more dramatic results in weeks to come.

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