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Gaining weight is easy when you are eating all kind of unhealthy food. But, losing weight is a difficult task that requires a lot of effort, determination and of course, time. In today’s high paced lifestyle and fast food culture, it has become very difficult to maintain a regular exercise regime. Sedentary lifestyle damages your internal mechanisms leading to different health complications. Hence, more and more people are turning to weight loss supplements to get effective and fast results.

But, most of these supplements do more harm than good. The results are temporary and affect your general health. Meratol is a complete food supplement that not only helps in losing weight, but also helps in regenerating your vitality and vigor. This advanced weight management pill has managed to revolutionize the way people across the world lose weight.

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About Meratol:

Meratol is a health supporting supplement that helps you manage optimal weight as well as energize your system from within. It helps in burning fat, increasing metabolism, accelerating weight loss, eliminating waste products from the body, increasing metal alertness and supporting overall health. Prepared from natural ingredients, Meratol is a safe and natural way to attain healthy weight and achieve your fitness goals. Meratol is manufactured by Advanced Heath in UK, which has a successful record of launching highly effective weight loss supplements such as the popular C-Plex 60 and Capsiplex pill.

Meratol Ingredients:

Meratol contains four clinically proven natural ingredients that work synergistically to lose weight. The main four ingredients are:
1. Prickly pear or Cactus extract
2. Brown seaweed extract
3. Caffeine
4. Capsicum extract

How does Meratol work?

Meratol contains a powerful combination of potent ingredients that are loaded with health boosting properties. These natural herbs and ingredients work together to ensure you lose weight and maintain good health. It addresses the main problems in any weight loss plan- burning fat, increasing metabolism, curbing fat and detoxifying body.

The action of the four active ingredients in Meratol is:

Prickly pear extract: This natural ingredient is extracted from Opuntia Ficus Indica Cactus, an edible cactus. It has two main actions:
1. Cactus extract contains a lot of natural Opuntia fibre, which combines with the fats in the food to form non-absorbable complex. The fat molecules thus become too large to pass through the gut walls thus they are excreted directly. This prevents the deposition of extra fat in the body.
2. Cactus extract also acts as a diuretic preventing water retention and facilitating weight loss.
3. The fibre in the cactus extract also gives the effect of fullness, which keeps you satisfied for longer time and reduces food cravings.

Brown Seaweed Extract:

1. Brown Seaweed, also called bladderwrack works as a major carbohydrate blocker. It helps in blocking majority of the carbs from being processed and deposited as fat in your body.
2. Along with that, Brown seaweed extract provides you many other health benefits such as decreased high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, enhanced immunity levels and detoxification of the body.
3. Brown seaweed is a natural appetite suppressant, thereby prevents untimely bingeing of unhealthy and high calorie foods.

Capsicum Extract:

This natural ingredient is derived from various species of red chilli, cayenne and paprika peppers.
1. Capsicum contains Capsaicin which has been proved to be able to increase your metabolic rate.
2. Capsicum works as a thermogenic food and stimulates fat burning process.


1. The effects of caffeine on increased metabolism are widely studied. Caffeine increases metabolism of the body, enhances concentration and mentaT focus. Hence, you remain mentaTly alert throughout the day.

Benefits of Meratol:

Meratol is a complete food supplement that helps to promote mental and physical wellness. Meratol acts as a health shield and protects you from potential health hazards by providing you amazing health benefits such as:

1. Increases body metabolism
2. Increases fat burning
3. Blocks carbohydrate absorption and prevents absorption of fat
4. Suppresses appetite and prevents munching of unhealthy snacks
5. Supports physical endurance
6. Increases mental and physical performance
7. Reduces the fatigue commonly experienced on a diet plan
8. Helps in detoxification, thereby promoting digestive health and weight loss
9. Increases mental alertness and concentration

Apart from the potent health benefits, Meratol comes with other benefits also such as:

1. Safe and natural, so there is no need to worry about the side effects associated with various other weight loss supplements
2. Complete food supplement that offers you wide array of health benefits
3. Cost effective way to lose weight, each bottle costs £3.95 in UK, £7.95 in Europe and £9.95 in rest of world
4. Easily available on online website delivery takes 5 to 10 days depending upon the location.
5. The ingredients in the product is well-researched and clinically tested

Clinical studies and Meratol:

The potent ingredients of Meratol are carefully chosen to provide effective and fast results. The effects of Meratol ingredients are widely studied and well-researched.
1. Cacti-Nea (Prickly Pear extract) has been proved to have beneficial effects on cellulite. Studies confirm the weight management and well-being potential of the ingredient Cacti-Nea.
2. According to studies: brown seaweed extract has full range of weight management properties- weight control, calorie intake control and reduction of fat storage and body fat mass.
3. Studies have shown that Capsainioids present in Capsicum extract increases both diet induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation.
Hence, Meratol benefits are backed by powerful research and clinical studies.

Dose of Meratol:

Two tablets of Meratol dietary supplement has to be taken in a day. Take Meratol in the morning before breakfast.

Important point to consider:

Meratol is not meant to be a substitute for exercise or a well-balanced diet. When taken with nutritious, healthy diet and some form of exercise, Meratol gives amazing results, which are safe, natural and long lasting.


Meratol is a well-designed health supplement containing unique weight managing abilities as well as health enhancing properties. It is specially formulated to nourish and flourish your entire biological cell processes along with your mental health. The unique blend of ingredients provides mental as well as physical well-being. So, if you are looking for getting a vivacious and sleek body along with health boosting benefits, then start taking Meratol once in a day.

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