Raspberry Ketones 5 Top Health Benefits

by admin on May 4, 2013

Many say that raspberry ketones have miraculous effects on the health of human beings, especially in the context of weight loss. Reports about the ability of this natural compound to help “melt fat” and promote optimal health are found all over the Net. Its powers have achieved legendary status especially after Dr Mehmet Oz – of the Oprah Winfrey Show fame – brought it on television. So, what are raspberry ketones and exactly what benefits they offer?

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are the natural chemical compounds that give raspberries their color and fragrance. These are natural compounds known as phenols. Similar compounds, but not as potent are capsaicin (the compound that gives red peppers their color and flavor) and synephrine (the compound that gives the taste in bitter oranges).

Health Benefit No.1: Raspberry Ketones are remarkable Weight Loss Agents – The Attribute That Made It So Popular throughout the World

Raspberry ketones are very effective as weight loss aids. Weight loss is triggered through the activation of triple action in the body:

1. It Boosts The Metabolism – the ketones accelerate the metabolic rate of the body and thereby maximize the number of calories burnt every day. In this way, you can lose weight effortlessly just by taking the raspberry ketones diet pill. To achieve similar results without the pill, you would need to spend hours in the gym doing various rigorous workouts every day of the week.

2. It Stops And Prevents Fat Storage In The Body – the human body is programmed to store fat so it could survive if food becomes scarce. In the modern world, the fat stores are not really necessary. Raspberry ketones encourage the body to use fat to generate energy; normally, sugar is needed to do so. When fat becomes the major “fuel” to burn to generate energy the body loses the ability to store fat and hence, accelerates weight loss. Since, no more fat will be stored, there is no danger of regaining the lost weight – which is a major plus point.

3. It promotes the promotion of weight-loss hormore adiponectin – this is the hormone, which is responsible for the storage of excess calories in the body. When the production of the adiponectin hormone is increased, the body is pushed into releasing the maximum amount of fat.

What Are The Other Health Benefits That You Would Enjoy From Raspberry Ketones?

Besides the exceptional ability to help with weight loss, there are a few more health benefits that these remarkable natural compounds offer:

Health Benefit No.2: Detoxifies The Body

Along with weight loss, raspberry ketones offer many positive side-effect benefits. With the acceleration of metabolism, these natural compounds ensure that the body also expels maximum amount of toxins. This is why those who lose weight with the help of raspberry ketones feel highly energetic and very healthy. Side-by-side with detoxification and a sustained energy boost, your immune system will also be improved resulting in better quality of life.

Health Benefit No.3: Enhances And Protects The Health Of Heart And Circulatory System

When raspberry ketones program the body to make maximum use of the fat cells, these are gradually targeted and removed from all over the body inclusive the arteries, heart, and liver. Cholesterol levels are stabilized and the circulatory system becomes free from fat-related health risks. In other words, you no longer have to worry about bad cholesterol, stroke or blocked arteries.

Health Benefit No.4: Anti-Aging Action

Raspberry ketones are extremely rich in anti-oxidant content, which helps the body repair and generate cell faster. This enhance the skin, hair, nails health and bring about a special youthful radiance no matter at what age your start taking the supplement.

Health Benefit No.5: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Many compare the ability of raspberry ketones to fight inflammation with the reliable and versatile aspirin. It is especially beneficial in reducing muscle pain and swelling post heavy workouts. This specific attribute makes it the best friend of the athlete and body builders.

The list of benefits does not end here. Raspberry ketones are also effective in providing protection against liver diseases, and type 2 diabetes among others.
Looking at all these health benefits that raspberry ketones offer, it is actually easy to see why this natural compound is nicknamed as ‘miracle drug’. It is indeed a great boon to the modern man who is fighting a losing battle against overweight related health problems.

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