Tips for losing weight quickly and efficiently

Obesity is one of the most common issues of the 21st century. A very large number of people that are overweight are looking for solutions and tips to help them efficiently lose weight. Nonetheless, not all diets and pills that claim to help you lose several pounds a week are healthy, therefore you must pay extra attention and seek professional help from a nutritionist before starting any diet that promises miraculous results.

A great diet for losing weight is mainly characterized by two things: its efficiency and its ability to prevent what is known as the “Yo-Yo Effect”. The Yo-Yo Effect describes the situation where all the lost pounds will bounce back in a short period of time. This is very commonly met and a good diet is one which has permanent effect. However, besides these two qualities, a good diet must also be 100% safe to follow. Better be safe than sorry!

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Basically, there are three ways in which you can quickly lose weight:

• Efficient diets, such as the Atkins diet, the blood type diet or the program based on raw foods;
• Proper physical exercise that not only will help you burn fat but also develop lean mass;
• With the help of pills and other special products that help your metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process.

Regarding the efficient diets mentioned earlier, the Atkins diet is undoubtedly one of the most popular diets worldwide. This is a low-carb program. It is based on what Dr. Atkins names in his book “a metabolic advantage”, which claims that burning fat consumes calories.

Besides the weight loss, this program is also known to prevent conditions that can endanger your life, such as cardiovascular disease. However, it must be mentioned that just like any other diet, the Atkins diet may have its risks and drawbacks as well. To put it in a nutshell, the Atkins diet supposes:

• Efficient weight loss that does not bounce back once the diet is over;
• Protection against dangerous cardiovascular disease;
• Weight maintenance;
• Significantly improved health.

The blood type diet is a weight loss program that is especially created for each blood type. Based on the eating habits of our ancestors, it is believed that in order to maintain our health and lose weight, we must eat specific types of foods.

The raw food diet is another efficient program for those who aim to quickly lose weight in a very healthy way. Although the food preparation in this case may require some time, it is certainly worth it. Among the advantages of this low-calorie, vegan diet there is:

• Loss of the desired number of pounds;
• Improved health and aspect;
• Your body gets plenty vitamins from the fruits that are included in the menu.

With regards to proper physical exercise, this is absolutely essential in order to lose weight. There is no better way to burn calories in a healthy manner than by doing some physical exercise that will not only help you lose weight, but will also improve your physical aspect. It is ideal to combine physical exercise with proper diet for maximum results.

When it comes to the pills and other treatments that claim to help you reach the desired weight, you need to know that this is a highly controversial topic. While some doctors claim that losing weight with the help of pills can be very dangerous, others seem to be in favour. Nevertheless, no treatment should be started without asking your healthcare provider about the safety and efficiency of that particular treatment. Among the most popular weight loss pills and treatments, there is:

• The Raspberry Ketones, which is a natural treatment that has incredible results regarding fat loss;
• Green tea, that is not only healthy due to the increased amounts of antioxidants that it contains, but is also known to support weight loss when combined with physical exercise;
• Green coffee bean extract, which is also popular for supporting weight loss and optimizing metabolism;
• Other meal replacement shakes.

Losing weight can significantly improve your self-confidence as well as your emotional state, not to mention the numerous health benefits you get. There are simple yet very efficient tips and tricks that can help you with your weight loss diet:

• Drink enough water! More than three quarters of our body is water, this is why it is essential to keep yourself well hydrated;

• Keep evidence of your daily calorie intake! You can find online numerous calorie calculators that will indicate you the approximately number of calories you need to eat daily, based on your weight and on how active you are. Do not exceed that number of calories, since the surplus will deposit on your body;

• If you feel the need to have a hamburger or any other fast food, only eat half of it. You can eat fast food from time to time, provided that you do not binge on food. Also, try to cut down on high-calorie sauces such as mayonnaise;

• Find out what is your ideal weight before starting a diet. When overweight, some people want to lose too much weight and that can pose a serious threat to their health. It is essential to be aware of your ideal weight, this way you can set your target and lose the right number of pounds without endangering your health;

• Do not forget about breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since it gives the necessary energy boost you need throughout the day.

• It is recommended to have more smaller snacks a day, rathern than 3 large meals. Eat less on a meal and do it five or six times a day. This way, your body will release less insuline which plays an important role in what regards hunger control;

• Change your plates! Buy smaller dishes and you will eat less without feeling hungry. The smaller the plate, the less you eat!

To sum up, it is vital to be well-informed before deciding to follow a weight loss diet. While some of them can be effective and healthy in the same time, others may have the opposite effect. Never try ” magic products” without consulting your doctor first, and remember that health always comes first.

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